Setting a field to all Upper Case



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    Keith McQuait

    That's a tough one. If it's a pre-defined list of part numbers you could load it as a drop down and use reference data and make it not editable. If it's a list that requires constantly adding new part numbers, then that won't work. 

  • Hi Tara,

    Thank you very much for this feedback! Keith is right about using Reference Data if the techs are referencing a list of part numbers. Assuming they need to punch them in manually each time, this is a great suggestion for a feature/setting. 

    I encourage you to upvote these two posts which suggest similar functionality as well to promote visibility:

    1. The latter half of this post touches on case variations
    2. Similar need for capitalization in codes

    If I think of a way to work around this in meantime, I'll be sure to report back. Thanks!

    All the best,

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