Allow use of wildcard characters in field conditions, to reduce quantity of field conditions


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    Chip Phillips, Community Manager

    Howdy John,

    Thank you for this feedback!

    We've recently released the first part of "Contains" conditions for both Android and iOS. The new functionality includes the ability to do "contains," "starts with" and "ends with." The ability to do the opposite ("does not contain," etc.) will be coming soon as well.

    Release notes with further details can be found here.

    At this time, we don't have an ETA for case-sensitive Conditions for the 'Contains' functionality. We are continuing to collect and provide feedback to our Development team for their consideration, so we would love to hear from other users who want to see case-sensitivity for the 'Contains' Conditions!

    I would recommend upvoting this related Feature Request on case-sensitive Conditions:

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