Populate looped screen with information from previous iteration.



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    Nathan Holmes

    Do you have mobile edit turned on for the app?  If so, would this work?

    - Go the History tab in the app

    - Choose a previous submission

    - Use the "New" button (which I think ought to actually say "Copy")

    - - - This "New" option creates a copy of the previous submission with all data already in it (even loop screens).  If this would work, you could just change the small number of fields that need to be changed rather than having to re-enter all of the data.

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    Bob Schaefer

    I'll check that out, it sounds like it would be ideal for commissioning an identical unit (which happens with some regularity), but that's a little too coarse-grained for what I envisioned. Not always are the units identical, but always if there are more than one motor in the same position in the unit the motors are identical in their specifications, which are recorded along with actual performance data.

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    Nathan Holmes

    It sounds like it might get a little complicated,and may have an impact on your output(s) / PDF(s), but...

    Maybe you could use a combination of pre-populated grids and conditional screens with a choice field (drop down, radio buttons, whatever) (on a previous screen) to allow the user to choose which "type" of submission this is?

    Then you could show them only the pertinent grid(s) / loop screens based on their choice(es).

    Something like:  (More than one motor?  Yes / No") (etc.)

    If they choose the type that is always the same, provide a pre-populated grid / loop screen with the pieces set up already.  If they choose a new or different type, provide a blank grid / loop screen to allow them to enter data. Etc.

    Would that work?

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