History tab - Change "New" to "Copy" and allow controlling "Mobile Copy" in addition to "Mobile Edit" per app



  • Hi Nathan,

    Thank you for pointing this out. I definitely see what you mean here and will pass this along to our Product Team as a potential user experience improvement.

    To your second point -- also an interesting suggestion worth exploring. I'd be interested in hearing more about the use case behind that if you're willing to share! 



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    Nathan Holmes

    Hi Siobhan,

    We have some apps that can only be appropriately started via dispatch due to a number of complexities.  In some cases we don't want to turn on mobile edit because it would have an adverse impact on some integrations that we have and other potential issues.

    However, offering the ability to do a "copy" would be nice.  In some cases there are multiple loop screens with multiple rows of data and the only thing changing between the original and next submission may be a date, a few quantities, and one or two list entries.  This would help by reducing the effort needed to produce subsequent submissions (they wouldn't *always* have to dispatch a new ticket and then enter nearly all of the same data again but could just adjust the few pieces that changed and hit submit).



  • I talked with the Mobile Product Manager about changing "New" to "Copy" and she was very receptive. I'm hoping it will go in with some other changes that are in the works, which means it will take some time, but should be a pretty straight forward change. If/when I hear that that's either in or out, I'll update. 

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