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While downloading submissions using Business Insights, conditional formatting features are lost on the newly downloaded data. The formatting conditions are retained on the Excel sheet but the actual formatting based on conditions does not take place. 



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  • Hi Parag,

    Yes, that's true. When data downloads, it's like adding new cells to the sheet (or replacing the ones that are there with new ones), so they won't contain the conditional formatting. You might be able to achieve what you're after using Excel macros (a subject on which I'm not an expert, but maybe someone in the Community has done this).

  • Have you tried putting your data into a table? Here is how I got it to work for me. Download a few rows of data. Put insert a table for all the downloaded data. Added conditional formatting (I did this on a date field). Then as I append data to the table, the conditional formatting is applied tot he new rows. 


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