Facility to export, edit, and import 'app' designs in a textual format suitable for inclusion in version control

(cf support request 78055)

The online 'app' management tools provide no facility to track or compare changes between versions, and the user interface and workflow for deploying 'apps' to test and production is... obscure... to say the least.

As a software developer working to integrate Canvas 'apps' with other software systems, it is frustrating that I can't manage the Canvas 'app' with the same tools, processes, and management controls that are applied to other software in related projects. The Canvas 'app' editor, and the versioning and deployment mechanisms have proven to be a constant source of errors and frustration for myself and my client.

There also doesn't obviously appear to be a mechanism where deployment and staging of 'app' updates can be automated e.g from a simple REST API, or via a command line tool.

Properly realised, this feature would allow an 'app' design to be:

* create (uploaded) via a REST API or command line tool.

* downloaded via a REST API or command line tool.

* stored in version control in a textual format (presumably, but not necessarily, XML).

* edited with a standard text editor.

* uploaded via a REST API or command line tool.

* staged from 'dev' to 'test' to 'production' via a REST API or command line tool.

I hope you will give this feature request urgent consideration.



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