Any method to concatenate fields

Field A would contain initials like "TS-", field B would contain a calculated random number by using the example of hidden date and time "6686573" as an example. Is there a method I could use to create field C = "TS-6686573" ?



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  • Hi Tracy,

    There isn't, unfortunately. This is a great feature request though, so I'm going to move this post to that topic so that folks can upvote it (since we do get asked a lot!). 

    You can kind of fake it on the PDF and you can do on exported data coming through, for example, a Zapier integration to GoogleSheets, but this is another instance where those don't really (I think) satisfy the need. 

  • Being able to cat fields together would be very nice.

  • Being able to concatenate fields is a must.  You don't typically write letters and other formal documents with the City, State, and Zip Code all on different lines. Also first and last names typically go together on a formal document.  Very disappointed this isn't already a feature.  Making our PDF look the way we want is seemingly out of the question now.

  • Concatenation has become a real need for me. For instance I have a crew that needs to measure in feet and inches over and over. It is items that are on a loop screen. I would like for them to not have to enter the foot or inch marks (' and ") but just the numbers. They do not work in decimal feet which is a few examples I have seen in some apps. Also, these amounts are not summed just recorded. I would love to have two fields: feet and inch where in my pdf grid it shows up in a concatenated field like" 1' - 8" where they only had to enter 1 and 8.  

    Any suggestions on how to do this with the current version of gocanvas?

    Thank you!



  • Hi Julie,

    This is an interesting situation because they're in a Loop. Outside of a Loop, this would be pretty easy to solve using static field and getting rid of some borders. Inside a Loop, I think to get to the ideal situation, you'd need to have a custom PDF built (but that's exactly how I'd do it - two separate fields in one cell). 

    Maybe someone else has solved for this though. Anyone make this work? 

  • Sure would be nice to be able to concatenate fields together... Maybe the code for the mirror field and / or the mirror backdoor could be re-used for this on some level...

  • Is there any progress on this request (or this one in the last 2 years?

    Or the ability to have multiple lookups on reference data?
    Which is what this feature request seems to be trying to achieve.

    For example:

    List A = List of Suppliers
    List B = List of Projects
    List C = List of Purchase Orders Raised (includes Supplier and Project info)

    Depending on someones selections against drop-downs referencing List A & List B, a 3rd drop-down would display a list of Purchase Orders raised against the selected Supplier and Project.

    Imagine trying to build an app where someone is requesting a variation to a Purchase Order where you want to find the PO based on the Supplier and Project.

  • Howdy,

    Thank you for checking in on this Feature Request! We do not have an estimated timeline for the ability to concatenate fields. However, our Product team is in the planning stages for updates to the App Builder and this functionality is being discussed. I have shared your feedback, along with the existing comments and upvotes, directly with our Product managers for their consideration.

    For your question about multiple lookups on reference data, I have reached out to some of my colleagues for their input on any workarounds for this particular use case. I'll post any potential solutions here, and would be interested if other users have found ways to achieve something like this example.

  • Hi

    Has any progress been made regarding this?

    I'm evolving app for a client & the need for this has arisen, which could be a deal breaker!!! 

    Is there any way maybe to "hard code" some concatenation?


  • Would be great to see this implemented soon. Seems like a no brainer for most business types and applications allow customisable details on a report. The suggestion to use the PDF designer to concatenate fields is not an option for us especially when using loop screens as we use multiple fields in the columns of each row and adding additional columns would restrict readability.

  • Hello,

    Has any progress been made on this topic? I don't see any newer posts about concatenating text. That or being able to customize borders on individual columns so it looks like the fields are concatenated would be very helpful. 

  • Hi Liam,

    Thank you for your continued interest in this request. You're correct, currently, this is not available in our standard or designer PDF. 

    I'll pass this information over to our product team and if there are any updates our team will be sure to add them here! As always the more upvotes a post has the more likely it is for our product team to add it into the roadmap. 


    Hazel Kral
    Sr. Customer Engagement Manager


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