Failure Processing Image


When I submit my report, I get this message:


How can I fix this?



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    Hey Matt!  

    This error message occurs for usually one of two reasons
    1. The device does not have enough RAM to upload the submission, 
    2. The images that were used in the submission were deleted and not accessible to be uploaded (such as if they saved their submission, went to gallery, deleted the image, and then went back to app and submitted). 

    Can you do a hard reset on the device, and then force close apps you are not using. Then you should have some memory cleared up. You can then try syncing again. 

  • Kevin, one of our field service techs had this exact same failure when downloading a photo to the submission. It happend twice. So I uninstalled GoCanvas from his Android phone. Then I powered down the phone. I powered the phone back up. Then reinstalled GoCanvas.  Later the same day, he had the problem once again. He deleted 2000 photos from his device, and it is still happening. I submitted a ticket for this. James Cleland Perfection Wholesale

  • I am having the same problem and can't fix it or find a solution. Has there been a fix to this problem or a way I can take a picture with my phone and get it to upload. This feature is very important to me for I have a booth inside a store and need to kept track of all inventory that I put in my booth. I love the features this program offer and its everything I been look for. It a shame the one important feature I really need doesn't work. 

  • Hi Steve, 

    I'm going to go ahead and convert this into a ticket so our Support Team can troubleshoot. Can you make sure you've done a hard reset on the device and try again? Once you've done that, if you're still getting the same issue, please go ahead and submit your logs ( Thanks!


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