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My users just caught something in which I think to be a big issues at least for my organization and users.  I understand not being able to edit other peoples submissions for now (however, i'm still hoping this changes so anyone can edit anything that has been submitted).

My users are not able to go back and edit a submission because I have made an update to the form.  I understand they why behind this, but I also think they should still be able to edit the form but canvas should be able to pull over all previous data to the new submission.  Our forms change all the time and my users wold like to have the ability to edit their previous submissions even if their is a new version (canvas should be able to merge he old with the new to create a new submission).





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    Good News, David- you can now edit Submissions for previous App versions on your mobile device!

    Click here for the release notes with further details on this functionality.

  • Hi David,

    I think this is similar (or the same) as this request: https://help.gocanvas.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360000695247-Enable-Mobile-Editing-on-Submissions-for-previous-app-versions. I recommend you upvote that one to keep the upvote count going!

  • What if it's the same version that I need to update with additional material?  A field tech left off some material but I don't know how to edit a submitted sheet to add the material.  Can that be done?

  • Hi Ron,

    The user account that completed the submission will need to be the one that is used to do a mobile edit.

    In order for it to work, Mobile Edit has to be enabled for the app(s) that you need to be able to edit submissions for (in the App settings).

    If Mobile Edit is enabled for the App, the user who submitted it can open the app, go to the Completed tab, choose a submission, and then choose Edit.

    Does that help?


  • Depending on the extent of the editing that is needed, an admin can also do a web edit - although a web edit does not do any calculations so those would have to be done manually so it is generally not used much.


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