Can submitted photos be included as attachment in emails?


Hi there,

I just got asked this from a user today, 

Mostly because he needs to make field reports (with gocanvas) and then add the information to the client control system.



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    Hi Eduardo,

    This wasn't as complicated as I thought using Zapier. You basically want to create a Zap that triggers when a new Submission is created by that particular App: 

    Then you want your Action to be to send an email through something like gmail:

    The key is mapping your image fields as attachments in the email:

    In this case, I added both the Submission PDF and my image field. You can add multiple fields this way. 

    The great thing about this is that you can also add GoCanvas fields to other parts of the email, including the recipient, sender, body, etc. 

    Let me know if that works for your needs or if I need to make it more complicated :)

  • Hi Eduardo,

    I do think there's a sort of lengthy way to do this with Zapier, but before I give that a try, a question for you: do the photos have to come through in the same email as the submission, or do they just need to come through somehow via email (ideally with something tying them to the original submission)? I think either way we could make this work with Zapier, but one has fewer steps.

    I'll take a crack at this and let you know!

  • Hi Sara,

    We can work with both options.

    Thanks for the help on this.


    Again, thanks for the assist, the zap works just fine.



    (Edited )
  • Glad to hear it! Thanks as always for your contributions to the community, Eduardo!

  • Hi Sara,


    I tried doing the same but with integrating the photos with Ondedrive. All i got at the end was just the files in a zip with no extension

  • Hi Sridhar,

    Yeah, when photos go into things like OneDrive or Dropbox or Google Drive, they generally come through as a zip file. I don't have as much experience with OneDrive, but in Google Drive you can add an extension to unzip those files within the system. The alternative might be to do a multi-step zap that takes things from GoCanvas, puts them somewhere else (maybe a Google Sheet) and then pulls them individually from that sheet into OneDrive. 

  • Are there any solutions where we wouldn't have to pay for a third party, to get photos in a zipped folder emailed with submission?  I'm having issues with compression.

  • Howdy Jeremy,

    Thank you for checking in on this Feature Request! Outside of a paid solution or utilizing Zapier with our Multi Photo Fields, there is currently no direct way to have captured photos included as an attached .ZIP file with submission emails.

    I can definitely see how this functionality would be useful, so I will be sure to provide your feedback directly to our Product team. I'm sure they would love to hear more specific use cases and detailed comments (and upvotes!) from other users on this post as well.


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