How to Upload Multiple Photos from GoCanvas Using Zapier

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Multiple images collected using GoCanvas can be added to certain cloud based services through Zapier. Up to ten photos can be added within a GoCanvas form, which will be automatically uploaded through Zapier as a ZIP file containing the images as JPG files to the cloud service of your choice.

Before getting started, you will need to:

Set up a Zapier account

Add a Photo field to your form to collect multiple images

Make sure that the Photo field is set to allow Unsecured Access (allows images to be viewed by anyone, not just people who have GoCanvas accounts).

Please note that without the Unsecured Access setting enabled, the images cannot be viewed from outside of GoCanvas.

Creating a Zap to Upload Multiple Photos

Step 1: Push the "Make a Zap!" button in the upper right on your Dashboard when logged into Zapier

  • Name your Zap
  • Choose a Trigger App (Zapier refers to all of their partners as 'Apps')
  • In this example, we are using GoCanvas as the Trigger ('When This Happens...')


Step 2: Choose the Trigger Event for the Zap

  • In this case, we will choose making a New Submission


Step 3: Connect your GoCanvas Account to Zapier. Once you do this the first time, Zapier will remember the connection, so you can just choose an existing account in the future.


Step 4: Now you can choose the specific GoCanvas form you want to use as your Trigger

  • The drop down will reveal a list of all of the GoCanvas forms in your GoCanvas account with at least one submission
  • If you have not yet made a submission with your intended GoCanvas form, you will need to complete a submission for it to show up in the list
  • When you hit Continue, Zapier is "looking" at your submission inside your GoCanvas Account


Step 5: You have now completed your Trigger! Time to create your Action.

  • Select the App (Remember, Zapier calls the cloud services they connect to "Apps")
  • In this case we are going to select Dropbox (a similar process can be used for other services, like Google Drive or Box)
  • For the Action Event, we will choose Upload File


Step 6: Connect your Dropbox Account to Zapier. Once you do this the first time, Zapier will remember the connection, so you can just choose an existing account in the future.


Step 7: Map your fields from your GoCanvas form to DropBox

  • Choose a Folder (or create a new folder) for the file location in Dropbox
  • Choose a Field from your form to upload as a File 
  • Adjust any additional options as needed (Overwrite, Specify File Name, Specify File Extension)

  • Once you hit Continue, it will test your Zap by uploading a test ZIP file from your last submission

Step 8: Success!


Step 9: Turn on the Zap.


  • Keep in mind that once it is turned on, it will always run
  • To stop the integration, you must turn off the Zap in Zapier

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