API that will allow standard and/or designer PDF to be downloaded




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    Hi Tracy,

    I checked in with our development team, and here's what they had to say: 

    Yes, we have this functionality. Its a private API that we let certain customers use who fit our usage criteria. Can you walk through how you were expecting to use the API? In particular with regards to some of the following questions:

    - How often will the same PDF be downloaded?
    - Will not be downloading PDFs in bulk (for example - 100 every other minute, or 1000 at the end of the day), but rather pull down PDFs one a time as they are needed
    - What volume of PDFs will be downloaded? (for example - 100 a day, 1000 an hour, etc.)

    I'm going to convert this request into a ticket so that you can reply with your answers here, and we can get those to the right folks (it looks like you have an account manager, so we'll get in touch with him). 


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    Jerre Cope

    Hello!  I would request this functionality and I don't see it in the API document I have.  Currently, I'm having the submission e-mail my robot, which pulls down the pdf which causes a problem if you change your e-mail format as you did this Sunday.  Also I expect it throws off your Google analytics and/or delivery metrics on your e-mail software.

    The reason I need this capability is that our end user programs(custom ERP and office dispatching) are optimized to deliver the pdf based on site and street indexes.  Prior to GoCanvas, they scanned the paper invoices, After GoCanvas, the software delivers from the pdf store downloaded as each submission is e-mailed.

    If I can deliver this functionality via an API rather than unwrapping the e-mail, it would be easier on both of us.


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    Florent Morselli



    I would like to have the same feature as well.

    It will be great if an API endpoint to download the PDF files exist.

    We just need to download the PDF file once (downloaded just after receiving the submission notification).



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