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Can a handoff be optional? We would like to use the same app for two groups of people, one will need the handoff and the second won’t, can I setup the handoff with a condition or in a way that it should be optional?



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    Yes!  You can.  Make the Handoff appear after a conditional screen. The conditional screen only appears if you need the Handoff to occur.  If the screen does not appear then the Handoff doesn't happen.  

  • Is there any way for a handoff to be optional without requiring a placeholder screen? The information that determines whether many of our workflows are necessary is usually on a required screen or even the first screen, so the conditional screen to control the handoff becomes an empty placeholder.

    A use case would be an approval that is required if a certain threshold is met. The threshold and conditional logic are going to be on a screen that isn't conditional, so a second, optional screen is required for the workflow to occur after but before the screen for the approver. What you're left with is: (required screen with threshold) -> (optional screen to trigger workflow) -> (screen for approval). Is there a way around that?

  • Hi Andrew Pitcher

    With workflow, you're always going to need the conditional placeholder. We generally recommend putting some text on that screen that alerts users to what's about to happen (this form needs to go to another user based on previous responses, please hit next to continue with that process, something like that). 

    If the user is aware that they need to do the handoff, they could use the new Assignments feature to manually direct the Submission to the person doing the approving (and you could set up some conditional static text to tell them to do this, too). Might be a cleaner option, but with potential for user error. 


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