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    Chip Phillips, Community Manager

    Good News, CJ and Justin!

    We have just released a new mobile feature called Assignments, which allows users to start a submission, then assign it directly to another user to complete. Users can also make a submission-in-progress available for other users on their account to review or add information.

    Users can reassign a submission at nearly any screen within an App (the key exception being while adding a line item for a Loop screen). So a user could start a submission, completing pages 1-3, then directly reassign the task to a second person to finish the remaining screens before completing a submission.

    Additionally, users can unassign a submission, which will put it into a queue so it can be assigned to (or claimed by) someone else. When another user claims a submission from the unassigned queue, a preview of the data submitted so far will display, along with an option to view the PDF-in-progress. After claiming the submission, the recipient will start from the field/screen where the original submitter left off.

    Take a look at the release notes for this feature (and several others!) here, and be sure to check out the Help Center topic for more details on Assignments!

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    Sara Kaplow, Community Manager

    Hi Justin,

    Have you enabled and used our Workflow functionality at all? It allows you to pass an App to someone else (and back, if needed) as you've described. It is linear, that is, person one has to complete 1-3 before handing off to the second person, but that second person can view the work done on pages 1-3 (and edit it, if you want). Here's a help topic that explains how it works: 

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    CJ Friedman

    We also have apps that should be completed by multiple people/departments. The Workflow function along with the summary read-only screen could be a very good thing, the only thing that is still missing here is a option where the next user should begin. as of now there is just 2 options, after where the handoff occurred and the beginning of the app. if we want the next user to see a summary of the previous user, there should be an option at which screen the next user should begin. (same as we fill out after which screen the handoff should occur.       

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