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    Sara Kaplow, Community Manager

    Hi Teresa,

    That's a great request! 

    One work-around for this is to use an integration like Zapier (www.zapier.com) to create Dispatches from outside the system. You'd need an administrator to set up the Zap, probably from Google Sheets, but after that, anyone who has access to that Sheet would be able to create a Dispatch.

    Here's how you'd set that up using Zapier:

    Create a new Zap using Google Sheets as your trigger app. The trigger will be a new spreadsheet row: 

    Create a Google Sheet with the same headers as your bulk dispatch CSV contains (more about that here). Here's what mine looked like: 

    Point Zapier to that sheet: 

    Test and then set up your action, using GoCanvas as the action app. You'll want the action to be Create Dispatch: 

    Then map your fields from the Google Sheet to your Dispatch. Don't forget to make sure at least one field is mapped to have a value. You can do everything from schedule to assign the Dispatch as well: 

    Once that's set up, you can simply share edit access to that sheet with whoever needs to be able to create Dispatches. Every new row they create will trigger a Dispatch, without having to log into GoCanvas. 

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    Rod Eustaquio

    I have requested the same feature and this way around is really a stepback. Using a outside tool just increment the process and make users' live more complicated. I understand that this way around works but ruins the concept of speeding processes. 

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  • Hi Rod,

    I understand that. One of the reasons some of our users do it this way (in addition to not having to pay for another license) is that the google sheet is easier for some folks to use, especially when bulk dispatching. But I absolutely recognize the desire to have this stuff exist natively, and I'm always a big advocate for granular permissions. This topic already has a solid number of upvotes - let's keep it going!

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    Tom Smith

    I second that request...it seem odd that there is a separate role for reporting but not dispatch. Please get this in beta!

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    Keith McQuait

    This is great information Sara. Thank you. Definitely putting this one to use. If someone wants an employee to have dispatch only functionality without administrative rights this is a great way to do it.

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    Nathan H

    In case you want to vote it up, this kind of falls in line with another feature request here which is asking for custom roles and permissions, which would be an ideal solution to most of this:


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