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    Jason Good

    Tara... user dependent reference data might help, too.  It is a flavor of what Danielle is suggesting.  You use the System Default setting on a Short Text field to auto-populate the name of the person logging.  You could make it "Read Only" so the user doesn't update it. Or even make it invisible since the user doesn't need it for anything.  

    You then connect that field to a Reference Data file.  The first column in that file has a list of your users.  You connect that column to the field above.

    Then in another short text field you set the field setting to Style = Email. You could make it "Read Only" and invisible if you want.  You connect it to reference data and populate it with an email address of someone you want to send the PDF to.  Since the style is set to "Email" that email address will be added to the recipients list at the end of the app.

    This video might help you with Dependent Reference Data.  What makes it "User Dependent" is using that System Default setting on the first field tied to Reference Data to auto-populate the name of the person logging in.  So we auto populate it but it is also tied to the reference data file so you can auto populate other fields based on that value.  System Default pulls from the logged in user's GoCanvas account so make sure your reference data file is identical to the user's information in the GoCanvas system (Check their Profile).

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    Danielle Thompson

    Hey Tara, you can actually do this using reference data. I just redid most of our forms using this method. Here's the thread on it:

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    Danielle Thompson

    Just realized that the answer isn't in that thread, but here's how to do it:


    • Create a drop down with reference data containing a list of your branches
    • Create short text fields with reference data containing a list of your branches and each email who should receive the report based on the branches (make sure you create enough fields based on how many email addresses you have in your file)
    • Make sure to change the format of the short text fields to email

    This may sound a little confusing without screenshots. Feel free to email me and I can help you! :)

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