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Is it possible to have one form where the PDF report is emailed to different people based on a selection within the form - say, an operation? (Meaning if an employee chooses operation A the form is emailed to the manager of operation A, if an employee chooses operation B the form is emailed to the manager of operation B, etc.) Is this possible with reference data possibly? 



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    From Jason Good: 

    So yes, you would use reference data.  You need to populate a Short Text field with the email address of the person you want to send the PDF to.  And you could make these "conditional" fields so they only show up if a prior field has a certain value entered.  The Short Text field would need to have a "Style" of "Email".  This will place the email address in the field on the list of recipients of the PDF.
    Here is an example....
    Drop Down value = RED
    Short Text Field = jsmith@acme.com (Populated with Reference Data based on the value of "RED" above.)  
    The Short Text Field must be set to a "Style" of "Email".  Like this:
    Inline image 1
    You could also include other variations to streamline things a bit...
    1) Conditional Field - The Short Text with the email address could be "Conditional" so it only shows up if the value of RED is entered.  If the PDF always goes to the same person when the value is RED you would not have to use Reference Data.  Or you don't have any other variations to account for that requires a reference data file, you would just enter a default value of "jsmith@acme.com" into this field.  It would still need a "Style" of "Email".  But it would only add the address to the list of recipients if that conditional field was triggered.  If a value of BLUE was entered then this field doesn't trigger and therefore the PDF is not emailed to jsmith@acme.com.  I made this field "Read Only" too so the user cannot change it.  So it would look something like this (But I did not add the condition):
    Inline image 2
    2) Mobile Visible - If your mobile user doesn't even need to know that this is happening you could make this Short Text field invisible.  A conditional field can be invisible to the mobile user!  So it can be triggered but the user doesn't see it or know it.  I have UNCHECKED the Mobile Visible option under the "MORE" menu.  It is CHECKED by default because we assume that most of the time you want a field you add to be visible to the mobile user.  But there are cases where the mobile user doesn't need to be distracted by a field that they won't interact with.  
    Inline image 3
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  • Hi Danielle,

    Thanks so much for posting! I'm going to move this over to "Using Apps" category because there is, as you suspected, a work-around with Reference Data. 

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  • I have a similar issue to the above.  Except we need to be able to email our PDF to a list of people from our client.  I am thinking I will create a new screen with 10 plus short fields formatted to email.  Based on the clients company name this screen will be visible.  The user then fills the fields from the reference data.  not ideal would be nice to be able to do from a grid preview lopped screen. but will suffice.(I hope)



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