No App Availability for MacBook

I work off of all Apple products.  It would be nice to use my laptop to type in the information there as well.  Can this be added?



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  • I'd really like a macOS version of the Canvas app too.

  • It would be so nice to have the option of a Mac version of the app!!!

  • We have Technicians that work off of Mac OS computers and we really need the gocanvas application for them.

  • If they made an Electron version of the GoCanvas app, it could easily work on Windows/MacOS/Linux.

  • This requirement goes back a long way and this should be much higher on the roadmap!

  • Why is there no Mac OS version?   This show this company is not doing much to support mac users.  This needs to be fixed.

  • We have tons of Mac users as well in our company. We'd greatly appreciate if we can also get a desktop app for Mac.

  • Im just new on this, but I just notice here are not solution for Mac users, I can fill a order in my iPhone or iPad but not thru my Mac book or iMac, so there are any way you build a app for Mac version? or just a website where we can go and fill the orders?

    thank you


  • This is all great feedback and we appreciate the need to complete submissions on Mac systems! At this time, our Engineering Team is actively exploring webforms as a future release for GoCanvas.

    In the meantime, a potential workaround for Mac users would be to use a virtual machine to run Windows.

    Here is a Help Center topic with more details on using a virtual machine to run the desktop version of GoCanvas on a Mac system.

  • I would also like to see a Mac version or a web platform would be even better. Any update on the web platform?

  • I'll add another voice to the cry for ability to submit on a Mac. The virtual machine is just too much to deal with for the average person, I can barely get the basic essentials downloaded/implemented by our guys so that would be a failure to try and do that, we just need it to work on a Mac like it does everything else. BUT, thank you for the feedback and info @..., I myself will definitely do that, was a helpful article. 

  • Please, for the love of Pete add a MacBook feature.  we have started using workflow and all our users use MacBook.  Without the functionality to enter in the MacBook its a real pain. 

  • @..., what is the status of the webforms feature? It would be really nice to have a web app that works across non-mobile platforms, as the PC app isn't up to the same standard as the iOS app and not having a Mac app hinders my workflow.

  • Howdy All,

    Thank you for continuing to provide feedback and check in on this feature request. The latest from our Product Team is they have heard the demand for a GoCanvas web client and they are discussing how best to implement this functionality.

    We do not have an estimated timeline for a GoCanvas web client, but Sara and I will continue to share new comments and upvote counts with our Product Managers to highlight the hurdles that this functionality would solve for multiple users.


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