Field Labels in the Builder

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Field Labels are the name of the data entry area (i.e. Field) in a GoCanvas form that tells users what information to enter into the field.

Field Labels

Field Labels appear on every type of Field in the Builder. As a best practice, your field label should be as descriptive as possible, while still being concise enough to allow users to skip fields they don't need and enter information as quickly as possible. 

They display either above or to the left of the field when filling out your form, depending on your Screen Settings.

Labels Above Labels Left
BETA_Screen Settings_Style_Labels Above.pngBETA_Labels Above Preview.png

There are different character limits, depending on your Style. Labels Left has a 25 character limit, while Labels Above has a 2,500 character limit. However, we don't recommend making field labels that long, for the sake of navigability and usability. 

In the Builder, the field label will default to New followed by the type of field it is and if you delete your field label value, the label will be left blank so be sure to add a label.

GoCanvas Tip

Make sure to label all your fields and don't leave them as "New." Field labels are the easiest way to guide your users to fill out the fields correctly and "New" doesn't tell them anything helpful.

BETA_Field Label_New.png

You can change your field label either in the Field Settings modal or by selecting the field in the center preview and then selecting the field label bar so that the cursor appears. The field labels will update in both the center and the Preview panel on the right after you make the change.

BETA_Field Label_Live Update GIF.gif

Additional Information

To learn more about fields in the Builder, visit the Help Center article, "How to Add and Edit Fields in Builder."

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