How to Count Rows in a Loop Screen in Advanced Form Builder

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A neat trick that many GoCanvas users have implemented in their forms is counting rows in a Loop Screen or Table. This can be applied to many different scenarios but some examples that we see often are counting passed or failed inspection items or assessing risk in the field by assigning hazard ratings that can be summarized for quick reference. Our customers have found many ways to benefit from this trick and perhaps your team could benefit from this automation!

Setting it Up

1. Navigate to the Forms page in your portal and either edit an existing form or start from scratch.

2. Add a new screen and loop it, or select the inner screen of an existing loop screen.

3. Add a Number field and give it a descriptive name, i.e. “First Floor Count” in our example.

4. In the Field Settings, add a Default Value of 1. 

AFB_Counts&Summaries_Default Value.png

5. An optional step is to uncheck Mobile Visible under the More menu to reduce confusion for users in the field. 

6. On another screen, add a Summary field and give it a descriptive name, i.e. “First Floor Summary” in our example. 

7. In Field Settings, the Summary Screen is where the field is located, i.e. “First Floor” in our example.

8. The Summary Field will automatically populate with the first number field in the screen, which is “First Floor Count” in our example. 

AFB_Counts&Summaries_Summary Field.png

Now you have a summary field that will count every row in the loop screen. We also have a Webinar where we cover Counts & Summaries with a condition for an extra level of specificity in your count. There are many ways to apply this trick and conditions open up even more possibilities!

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