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  • Checkbox on PDF

    It would be nice to be able to change to color of the checkbox on the PDF.  Some of the feedback we have gotten in the office from the users is that it is hard to see the check with the current gre...

  • Align Loop Column


    Is it possible to align columns when they are in loops?  I have several loops that serve the same purpose with different data that I would like to be aligned so it is more appealing to the eye.  Sn...

  • Mirror Field


    Does this field work in loops?

  • App Version for PDF Designer


    Does it matter what versions a user is submitting under when using the PDF designer?

  • Reference Data and departments


    Can you share reference data between departments?  

  • Workflow Hand-off different department


    I have an app that is housed in Dept A and shared with Dept B.  I would like a user in Dept B to start the submission and hand-off to someone else in Dept B and then I have one more hand-off.  When...

  • Submission Download in BI


    Do you have to be an admin to pull submissions with BI? I am only wondering because if they can see submissions as a reporter, why would they not be able to pull them?