Attaching files to submissions

Our company is eager to attach individual files to each submission we create.  It would apply to signed contracts, equipment PO's, labor time sheets, etc.  Right now this is not an option on the GoCanvas platform and severely handcuffs our sales staff in their daily routines.



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  • We have a similar need with our sales team.  This would be a good add.

  • Hey y'all!

    Thank you so much for expressing your interest in this feature. We currently have a similar post open here As of this time this feature is not on this year's roadmap. If you could go upvote this post that will help our team when planning the roadmap for the year. I'm going to go ahead and close this post to comments so we can get more upvotes on the one provided above.
    Hazel Kral
    Senior Customer Engagement Manager
  • Hey ya'll!

    This post has been re-opened! We based our response on a different perspective. However, thanks to Joseph's further explanation, we understand the difference in request for workflow uploads. Upvotes may continue for this feature request consideration. 

    Thanks a bunch,

    Troi Coleman, Education & Learning Specialist

  • Our company would also like this feature.  Specifically to attach PDF files to a submission.

  • Hi Tim, 

    Thanks for expressing your continued interest! Be sure to upvote this post for visibility, we will make sure to update here if we have any updates!


    Hazel Kral
    Sr. Customer Engagement Manager

  • We would like this feature as well. Also, would like to have this functionality in Web Forms. We use a Web Form as a public facing complaint form and would like for users to be able to provide copies of certain documents with their submission. Currently we have to have them separately email those to an email address and it is a manual process to find and connect these files with a specific form submission.


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