Auto-save not frequent enough

I have a form that takes about an hour to fill out.  I go 20-30 mins between some fields.   Too often, my phones goes to sleep or I go to another screen, and when I come back, GoCanvas has exited my submission.   This wouldn't be a problem except that I almost always lose some populated data.  Very frustrating!   I believe the auto-save is too infrequent, or there needs to be a manual "Save" function (as differentiated from "Save & Close").  Or I'm using it wrong.   Please advise.



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  • Hi PDC PE's

    The best course of action is to use Save & Close whenever you will leave the form for any extended period of time. Especially if you will be out of range of wifi or data for any reason. Apologies for the delayed response, please let me know if you have any additional questions!


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