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    Lauren Sunday

    Hi PDC PE's

    That is a great question. There may be a few options, some are more elegant than others but may be worth exploring with your Account Manager and our Professional Services team.

    1. The most elegant solution would be Dynamic Reference Data. This integration would recognize when new information is added to the form and update the reference data and vice versa, automatically. So if a vehicle gets inspected, that submission would send the information to SQL database and update the reference data so that the next person accessing that form would see the vehicle is inspected or not available on the list. Although elegant, this is the most costly option and would require a custom integration.

    2. The second is to set up a Zapier connection with Google Sheets and GoCanvas. Either Professional Services could do that for you or you could do it on your own, making this option a little less involved that full blown Dynamic Reference Data.

    3. You could use Dispatch and Assignments to assign inspections to your team. This would require that all inspections for the day are prepared in advance but then everyone would be able to see the list of vehicles that need inspecting that day. If an inspection is claimed, no one else would be able to fill out that form. 

    4. The least elegant option, but perhaps the simplest, is to simply email everyone the submission when an inspection is complete. An identifying feature of the vehicle, like VIN or make/model, can be placed in the email subject so everyone can see which vehicles have been completed in their email inbox at a glance.

    Let's see if our other Community members have ideas to chime in too! Thanks for your question!

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