Be able to move multiple sections at once.

It would be nice to be able to highlight and move more sections at one time



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  • Agreed, or to copy paste multiple instead of drag/drop

  • Hey ya'll,

    I think a selection tool to highlight and move more than one section at a time could be a very helpful addition to the PDF Designer for PDFs that are long or complicated. Upvoted and thanks for posting this request to the Community!

  • It was not just for the PDF designer, I was also talking about the app creator itself. When I have multiple equations that are under each question instead of having to recreate them individually, it would be easier to copy multiple.

  • Hi Kevin,

    You're in luck! Copying screens and fields is already available in the form builder. Below are screenshots on how to do it in Builder BETA:

    Here you just need to press the three dots (...) to access these options:

    And here is how you do it in the current builder:

    But being able to select and move multiple screens or fields at once is not available in the form builder so I can pass that idea along as well! I hope this helps, but please let me know if you have any other questions!

    (Edited )
  • I need to be able to copy everything below (5 boxes) the question all at one time and put it below the next question. Currently I'm having to duplicate individually and them move it down. Since I can't duplicate all at one time, I was asking to be able to highlight them. Once I have duplicated them and move them down to the next question.

  • Hi Kevin,

    I think I'm just a little confused by the image from mobile as this sounds like a request for the form builder. It sounds like you are trying to copy multiple fields by selecting them from the form builder side on the web browser?

    I think this use case would be better served using loops screens in the current builder or a table in the Builder BETA. You only have to make the fields once and then the repeat for as many questions as you have. You can power the first field with reference data so it can have all your questions on file instead of written into the field label.


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