Ability to print screens of the builders choice.


   I would like to submit a request to add a print feature. I run a company that requires driver to leave a "pick-up ticket" and a "drop-off ticket". It would be nice to be able have a field called "Print" and you could drag it over to a screen and it would only print that particular screen. It wouldn't have to be fancy just an ability to be able to print something simple like a receipt you get from a store purchase. This would allow people to create screens with mirrored information from previous screens and only print the information needed mid-workflow in the app. For us, that screens would be named, "Pick-up Ticket" and another named, "Drop-off Ticket" and the driver could easily print the information needed to leave behind at each location. I believe this would greatly widen the scope in which GoCanvas could be used by other companies with similar practices. I really appreciate any consideration you might have in taking up this request. I could use this app builder for so much more if this feature could be added. Thanks!


I wouldn't be able to create two different apps for pick-up and drop-off because of invoicing and we want to keep all the information on one ticket.

I cant use the designer and standard PDF's as a work around because we actually have more than two reasons to print mid-workflow. I just gave two in the feature request. 

Our drivers print using thermal printers with a 4" paper ribbon, so to print a PDF, on this paper, the fonts would come out to small and hard to read. 

Robert Deman, Mongoose General Manager



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  • Hi Robert,

    Wow, this is a really interesting idea to solve this problem and I love it! I appreciate how thoroughly you explained what you need and why so we can properly explore potential. Definitely passing along to our product team for their consideration. Thanks for posting to the community!


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