Updated Workflow Functionality to Allow User Group Assignments

Update workflow to allow assignment to a workflow task to a group that can be set as and "and" or and "or" condition to require all users in the group to sign off or only one of the group to sign off depending on the setting.  The "and" condition would allow signoffs to flow in parallel rather than sequentially, saving time in process.  The "or" condition would allow for back-up approvers, or a pull system type of workflow where users within a group can grab a submission to work on as they finish other work.



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  • Hey Joseph,

    Another interesting idea! I would be curious to see how something like this would fit into the structure of our system but I will share this idea with the product team. I wonder if a conditional workflow would function similarly? Like if a check box is added to a form that either hides all the screens that other people would need to sign off on or reveals those screens? I know that it would still need to go in a specific order and one person may hold up the next from signing off, which is what your idea would endeavor to correct, but it's worth a shot since we don't offer conditional assignments as of now. 

  • I was about to submit a new request, however, I think this one plays into the same as mine. I want to use workflow to pass faults from a central account to multiple users/ group of users for one to then accept the job and continue the workflow. This would work as a remote support system for us perfectly if it could do so. basically a hand-off to a user group instead of individual users.



  • Hey Jake,

    Since GoCanvas is offline and not collaborative in that way by it's structure, I would recommend using the Assignments feature "Claim." It will make it available to anyone who could claim it but only one person will be able to pick it up and fill it out at a time. Due to the offline nature of GoCanvas, multiple people filling out a submission at a time creates the potential for doubling work or erasing work. Joseph's idea would still be lateral with only one person able to interact with a submission at a time but the amount of people required to touch it could fluctuate. I hope this helps but let me know if you have any questions!

  • Hi Lauren,

    The Claim function doesn't work on the windows based application. Otherwise this would be the solution. Maybe that's the software change request I need to make? Thanks for your time

  • Hi Jake,

    Great catch, I sadly don't know when that will be available but updates to the desktop client to bring it to feature parity with mobile are rolling out as we speak. Hopefully I will have an update on that soon!


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