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I have been using GoCanvas for quite a while to write site reports which consist of a covering page for site details and the a repeating page to cover items on the survey. I use this report to show the client what I intend to do and to confirm site information to production so it is quite an important document. I have one problem though which has caused a major issue on my last job and is a really easy fix...The repeat pages all roll together so there is no easy way to see where one set of information ends and the next set starts... If I could either have a page break in the PDF layout so each individual repeat of the information page starts at the top of the next page OR if I could put a line to mark where each individual entry ends my problem would go away. I am desperate for this fix as I am getting busier all the time & the report is doing more of the communication work for me.


Thanks for your help




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  • Are you using a loop screen for the repeating page or something else?

    Also, are you using PDF Designer or the Standard PDF?

  • Hi


    I am using a loop screen for the repeating page.

    I am using the standard PDF and have contacted support to ask how I would go about this... they suggested that it may not currently be possible but that the forum was the best course of action for me.

  • Hello

    If you want each loop entry on a different page, you can go to the page settings (on the Loop Screen) and check the box for "Page Break After"


    If you don't want each loop entry on a new page, a possible workaround would be to just add a static text object to the bottom of your loop screen and type a continuous line of hyphens, underscores, or your favorite character in there.  Then when you view the standard PDF, it will show up in between each loop entry.  Not very elegant, but effective to break the text up.

    Do either one of those help?

  • Hi

    I have the same issue.  On my Page Settings, I can see the first three options above but NOT the Page Break After option.  Where is it?  I am using a loop screen and a standard PDF.

    Could you please advise.



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