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It is nearly impossible to create a clean looking table in the pdf builder when I am not using a loop screen. I have a lot of customer forms that I build that have to look exactly like the ordinal PDF when completed and it is very cumbersome to get everything to align. There are some benefits to my users who are filling out forms to keep field out of loop screen, I would like to see a way to create tables with that information. A simple solution would be, to be able to add rows into a section instead of just be able to add columns.



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  • Hey Kurt,

    I love this suggestion! I have been in this very situation where I have had to add sections for each row to guarantee that fields are lining up across columns, which works but can be cumbersome. We do offer Custom PDF as a professional service for PDFs that need to look like an existing form but understand when that option is more than needed. I have passed this along to the proper teams for consideration.

  • Any update on this? I too do not like the unprofessional look of the tables....

  • Hi Tim,

    We appreciate your continued interest in this feature! At this time we do not have any updates for this specific request. We will be sure to update here once we have new information on this feature!
    Hazel Kral
    Customer Engagement Manager

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