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    Nathan H

    Hi Steven,

    If you have Mobile Edit turned on for your app, one way to approach this would be to go into the Completed tab (on mobile) or the History tab (on Windows) in the app and then select the previous submission for that home, select it, and then select Copy (on Mobile) or New (on Windows) to launch a new submission with all of the same data from the previous submission (even loop entries).  On mobile, the Completed tab can be searched, but not on Windows.

    Would that work?

    If you don't already, you can also choose fields from your app(s) to use in the Submission Name (for instance, Customer Name or House / Unit number, or whatever may apply for your situation) to make the submissions easier to find in the history / completed tab.  To do this, you can go to the App Builder, find and click the field(s) you want to include in the Submission Name, and then in the left nav go to More and check the box for Place value in... Submission Name.  Like this


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