it's possible to send automated sms to the phone field using api ?



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  • Howdy Haissam,

    Thank you for sharing this feedback and welcome to the Community! It is currently not possible to send automated SMS to mobile devices using the API. Could you please provide a bit more detail about the specific information you would want to include in an automated SMS message?

    Having specific use case examples is very helpful when sharing feedback with our Product managers.

    Depending on your use case, we have recently released a new feature called Reminders, which allows you send recurring reminders to everyone that has a particular form assigned to them. The assigned users will receive a push notification on their mobile device, reminding them to complete the form for that day.


  • hello team thanks for your support

    actually i have a small company (internet service provider ) i have to 1-create a small receipt on site (using smal thermal printer )
    2-send email
    3-send sms to customer exp (dear customer (name) your account was successfully refilled
    4-automated sms after 28 days (reminder to customer )
    all we have to do send the api to the sms gateway
    thank you
  • you can send automated sms messages by integrating with Zapier

  • Yes, with Zapier you can integrate through pay services.

    If you only need to text a small group, like employees who you know who their cell carriers are, you can set an integration to text using email for free.

    (Edited )

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