Certified/Tested BT hand-held Barcode Scanners



  • Howdy John,

    Thank you for taking the time to share this feedback! I'm sorry to see that your previous post in the Extending GoCanvas category did not get replies from other users. I would like to help as I am able!

    I reached out to our Development teams, confirming that we do not have an internal list of certified/tested barcode scanners. However, I have shared this post with the rest of our company, encouraging my colleagues to directly reply here with any scanner recommendations that they have heard from other users (or personally found to work).

    I would also love to see comments from other Community users regarding barcode scanners that have been found to play nicely with GoCanvas. I am hoping we can get plenty of replies to create a list of compatible barcode scanners that we can all reference and update moving forward.

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    Nathan H

    This scanner is relatively cheap and does not work with every type of bar code, but it seems to work with most common types.  It has both USB / 2.4 GHz wireless mode as well as Bluetooth mode and works with each.  USB for computers (and a few mobile devices).  Bluetooth for computers or mobile devices.  It is a:

    Nadamoo Model YHD-3100

    If you are using just text or number fields in GoCanvas, this will scan the data right into them and tab to the next field automatically (in case you might have multiple bar codes per loop entry or per submission).

    Based on this scanner working, I would think (though I don't have any way to verify empirically) that pretty much any BT scanner from major brands such as Symbol or Wasp would work with GoCanvas like a champ as long as they pair and work with your device(s).

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