Add Ability to Hide "Add New" and "Delete" buttons for pre-populated grid loop screen


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  • Howdy Brian,

    Thank you for sharing this feedback! I can definitely see how being able to toggle the option to 'Add/Delete' rows from a pre-populated Grid would be helpful, especially when reviewing records. 

    We do not have an estimated timeline for this functionality, but I have shared your feedback directly with our Product team for their consideration. I'm sure they would love to hear additional use case examples and detailed comments on this feature from other users as well!

    Depending on how you are pulling in data for the pre-populated Grid, a potential workaround would be to add the data to a Google Sheet (or to another spreadsheet platform on a cloud service) and use a Web Link field to direct users to review the data. I understand this workaround is a bit inelegant, but it could prevent users from accidentally adding or deleting records as they review data on a spreadsheet. 

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