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  • Howdy Tara,

    Thank you for sharing this feedback! I see that you created a Support ticket for this matter, and that my colleague replied with advice to double check your Action Event in Zapier, making sure to select "Create Spreadsheet Row(s)". 

    I wanted to expand on my colleague's response and note that this setting is a bit tricky in Zapier. The default option for this action event is to 'Create Spreadsheet Row' (singular) as opposed to 'Create Spreadsheet Row(s)' (plural):

    Selecting the plural option should create a row for each line item for your use case.

    If you continue to encounter issues with the multiple inputs showing up in a single cell, please reply to your active Support ticket, and my colleagues will be happy to troubleshoot directly.

    You are also free to share more details here, for other Community users to provide their input on any solutions they have encountered!

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    Tara Funneman

    That was my issue, I had selected Row instead of Row(s)  Thanks so much for the help!

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