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    Chip Phillips, Community Manager

    Howdy Donal,

    Thank you for sharing this feedback and taking the time to include a screenshot example! Currently, there is no way to directly auto-populate images from Reference Data. 

    However, there are two potential workarounds that may suit your use case:

    1) Use Conditions and Static Image fields to show certain images within your App based on user selection from a Drop Down field. Basically, you would make multiple Static Image fields that would be conditional based on the input in a Drop Down field. 


    2) Use dependent Reference Data and Web Link fields to auto-populate a link within your App. Users could select a part number from a Drop Down field, which would automatically fill a Web Link field with a link that users could click to direct them to a particular image (hosted on a third-party platform, like Google Drive or DropBox).

    I understand that each of these workarounds has their drawbacks, with the Option 1 being limited to 10 Reference Images to prevent App slowdown, while Option 2 does not display images within your App. 

    I can see where being able to auto-populate images from Reference Data based on user input would be helpful, and I have shared this feedback directly with our Product managers for their consideration.

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