Bring back the Save & Continue feature



  • Thank you for sharing this feedback. I understand the frustration you are encountering with the auto-save feature and appreciate you taking the time to provide details on the specific hurdles you are dealing with.

    I have shared your feedback directly with our Product managers for their consideration, along with details from the ticket you opened with my colleagues on the Support team.

    As part of the recent Save to Cloud release, submission data is automatically saved on the device each time a user leaves a screen.

    A potential workaround for the auto-save feature would be to have your users turn off Save to Cloud on their devices, then use the Save and Close action to ensure that their work in progress is being saved. I know this solution adds an extra step and time to your process, but this method provides added assurance that the submission is being saved.

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    Glenn Krasker

    When using GoCanvas on a mobile device, prior tpo the latest version update (, we were able to save work in process without having to submit any data. To save our progress while collecting data using GoCanvas, we simply would click the menu button in the upper right corner and select Save. With the latest version update of GoCanvas (, when entering a report in our App, the option to "Save" changed from "Save" (and continue) to "Save and Close". This change in functionality results in the need for the user to exit and re-enter the data entry mode, which is terribly inefficient. Our team of users have lost all of the information that they have already filled out in an app, which is not only inefficient and frustrating, but error-prone, which results in a poor work product.  What can be done to reactivate the "Save" (and continue) function?

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