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    Chip Phillips, Community Manager

    Howdy Raj,

    Thank you for sharing this feedback in the Community! I reached out to our Engineering team on this matter. They shared that we don't return JSON to any API calls, only XML.

    You will need to send a header in their request using the key value pair Authorization : [API Key]. As far as how to send a header, or how to structure an API call using Python to reach one of our API endpoints, we don't have any screenshots or examples available to share.

    Hopefully other users in the Community have examples or screenshots they can provide.

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    Raj Periyasamy

    Hi Chip, 


    I have structured the data from xml using the documents of Submission XML, the submission xml document mentions only of using username and password but not the API key itself as a result i have to disable the API Key in the gocanvas . in order to get info of submissions we dont need the API Key to put on the url?




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