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Hi, I'd like to use GoCanvas to create a survey, and then send it to hundreds of employees to fill out.  Does that require me to fill each employee's name as a user?  I don't need them making forms in the future, I just need them filling one out.  I can't figure out how to invite someone to take the survey without having to potentially make them a user?  


Second, I am trying to add a field to input a number with a single decimal place, but i get a "must be an integer" error when I try to add a number input field?  



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  • Howdy Daphne,

    Welcome to the Community! In order to complete Submissions, an employee must have an account as a user in GoCanvas. Once they have been added as a user, you can assign Apps to them from the website.

    For the Number field, are you encountering this error message when building an App in the Advanced App Builder, or when trying to input a value when completing a submission?

    There are different reasons this message could pop up when trying to input a value from your mobile device. A good first step would be to check the Field Settings on the Number field within the App Builder, making sure that the style and number of decimal places are set to allow the input you are attempting.

    You can also submit a ticket to our Support team if you have issues or questions that need direct troubleshooting!


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