Screen crashes the app


I have an assessment form that always crashes the app on my ipad when I get to the 6th information field.  I've tried to skip it, but the crash seems to be triggered by scrolling the page down.



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  • Hi Darla,

    I've seen that happen when a condition isn't set right. Do you have any conditional fields mid-way through that screen? That would be the first place I'd look. Make sure that the field the condition is triggered off of comes before the conditional field, and that the condition value is appropriate (as an example, if your condition is based off a number field, the condition value needs to be numbers as well. I see you've put in a Support Ticket, so they should be able to take a look and diagnose, but that's my guess. 

  • I think it's because my ipad ios 10.3 4th generation won't take the updates.  The multiple box feature is somewhat new.  Once I converted those to checkboxes, it worked.


  • Glad that solved the issue! Let us know if you see anything else behaving strangely. Thanks :)


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