• Hi Heather!
    I definitely want non-GC folks to chime in, but also thought it might be helpful to share this demo of it that we ran at Transform last year: 

    We've done a lot of updates to Analytics since then, improving the connection to GoCanvas Submission data so you can update your Apps without worrying about it breaking Analytics and adding the ability to pull in historical data so you can see ALL of the data you've ever collected within your dashboards. 

    I use it myself to see what's going on here in the Community (though I manually upload my data instead of running it through GC because I'm pulling from an external API). I love how I can slice the data in a bunch of different ways (this is just the top section; I've got some beautiful pie charts later on): 

    I'm going to try to find some folks who are really using it in the field to chime in, but the demo should give you a high-level look at what's possible. 

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    Heather Bryant

    Thanks, Sara! We have a call with our account rep for an overview tomorrow. It'd be great to hear from current users, too! I'll stand by for now and see what the team brings tomorrow. Thanks for the response :) 

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