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    Sara Kaplow, Community Manager

    Figured out a work-around on the Zapier side. Basically, you're going to use the built-in Zapier formatter to strip out the .jpg. Here's what that looks like. 

    You already have a Zap set up taking the Submission and putting it into your Sheet. You'll need to add a step in between that using the Formatter App, and the event is going to be text: 

    Next, set Transform to Split Text. For the input, use your photo field (you'll have to set up one of these for each photo field; a pain, but definitely a set-it-and-forget-it situation). 

    Here's the key: your separator is going to be .jpg, which means that's what Zapier will look at to split the previous part of the URL from the rest. 

    Then the segment index (the thing you want to keep, in this instance) is the first part, the part before .jpg. 

    Then you'll need to modify the Sheets part to pull in that new value instead of the one directly from the Submission:

    Now when that URL comes into your sheet, it will have ditched the .jpg text and should open in a new tab as before: 

    I tested it out on a few different photo fields and it seems pretty stable. I did all the photo fields in the same Zap (one note there: if you need to have more than a few Formatter steps, I'd recommend giving them names... it started to pile up with just the default Formatter label, which made it harder to map to my Sheet). 

    Hope that helps, at least for now!

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    Sara Kaplow, Community Manager

    Hi Danielle,

    This is an interesting one. I'm going to play with Zapier and Sheets a little to see if there's a way to behave the way you want it to; I'm not sure what we changed on our end, but there may be a way to circumvent it without having to go through development on our end (I'm assuming it happened when we did multi-photo?). Stay tuned!

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