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  • Howdy Corey,

    Thank you for this feedback and welcome to the Community! 

    When new customer information is captured within a submission, it is not automatically added to the existing reference data. To add new customer information to reference data, you will manually update the CSV file, then upload this file to your account.

    We do have a paid feature called Dynamic Reference data, which gives you the ability to update your Reference Data with information entered in a previous Submission. 

    This is a feature that is available through our Professional Services team. They’ll be able to give you a quote specific to your needs and configuration. 

    This is currently offered through Professional Services, but we definitely want to expand the standard reference data functionality to reduce hurdles for users. Our Product Managers are discussing next steps to improve reference data, and I have shared your feedback directly with them.

    I am going to close comments on this post, to encourage users to comment and upvote on this existing Feature Request for similar functionality:

    Having consolidated comments and upvote counts helps Sara and I emphasize the desire for new functionality, especially when we resurface Feature Requests to our Product Managers.

    You can also follow the existing Feature Request to receive an email when new comments and major updates are shared on the specific post.

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