Edit Multiple Photo Fields from Web

We would like to have the ability to edit the multiple photo fields the same way we can edit single photo fields.



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  • Howdy Classic Installs Team,

    Thank you for sharing this feedback! As I understand from our Product Managers, being able to edit the Multiple Photo fields from the website would have added considerable development time, thus delaying the release of multi-image capture. Since the primary goal for the Multiple Photo field setting was to provide users more flexibility while working in the field, they wanted to focus developer efforts on getting this functionality optimized for mobile use.

    There is no estimated timeline for being able to edit Multiple Photo fields from the website, but I have shared your feedback directly with the Product Team for their consideration.

    (Edited )
  • Need this feature updated ASAP. Drew Kundtz - SunPower Corp

  • Hey Drew, 

    Thanks for stopping by to bump this request up in the community. Although I do not have an update at this time, I have also informed our product team of the continued interest in this improvement. 

  • Editing photos in a multi-photo entry is not supported.  This would be very helpful to be able to edit like other photos in GoCanvas.  Is it possible to add this feature?  


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