Release notes: Refreshed visuals and handy tooltips for App Builder and FIVE new field types


Howdy Everyone! We have just released a new version of the App Builder. There are all sorts of updates, including some refreshed visuals, handy tooltips for fields when building apps, and FIVE new field types!

Please be sure to download the latest version of GoCanvas for Android and iOS from the App Store or the Google Play Store! Android users can also download the latest version directly from

App Builder Visual Update

We’ve done a bit of clean-up to the left side of the screen. The list of Fields has been updated to reduce clutter and reorganized for easier drag-and-drop functionality:

The Field Settings menu has received similar treatment, with new visuals and layouts for field customization:

Field Tooltips

In addition to updated look for the App Builder, there are now handy tooltips that appear when hovering over each field type. These boxes provide a short description of each field type, along with a preview of how they typically appear on mobile devices:

New Field Types

Our Product team has taken feedback from the Community and usability testing to develop several new field types! Each of the five new field types are meant to streamline use on mobile and provide new options for app building across all industries. Let’s take a look at what’s new:

Increment fields are used to collect numerical data with buttons to add or subtract values. With the Increment field, users can sequentially increase or decrease values.

Slider fields allow users to make a selection from a range using a handle on a horizontal axis. This field type is recommended for inputting Rating values above 5 and for use as a sliding scale.

Rating fields can be used to rank the quality or status of something on a scale from 1 to 5 stars. This field type is great for collecting feedback and reviews.

Single Choice Boxes fields display all options available (up to 5 choices) in a row and allows users to choose one.

Multiple Choice Buttons fields display all options available (up to 15 choices) and allows users to select multiple options.

Please note that the new field types are not supported in the Windows Desktop Client



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  • Official comment

    Howdy All,

    Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback! I wanted to share a message from another Feature Request here, as it is relevant to this post.

    As most of you are aware, recent feature releases have not included Windows client support. We wanted to take a moment to recognize frustrations this has caused and provide as much clarity as we can on a future direction.  

    Our long term goal is to sunset the Windows client and provide our customers with a web client that will work on Windows and Mac browsers. We believe this will provide a more universal solution for our customers and allow us to expand and improve features across all platforms. 

    With the impact of COVID-19, we don't have a timeline in mind for a new web client. That said, we do believe that adding new features to the Windows client will delay our ability to reach the best outcome for our customers.  

    As such, while we will continue to support and maintain the current Windows client, we will not add new features to the Windows client in 2020.

    (Edited )
  • Cool features! May I know when will this be supported by the desktop client?

  • Hi there!

    Great question. Right now we aren't planning on supporting the new field types on Windows. That said, anything is possible and we'll certainly let the Product Team know that this is being asked about. As others have noticed, we are not doing a lot of development on Windows, but that is also something that could change. 



  • New features should always be available on the desktop client.  Our field works on mobile devices and our office staff works on a PC.  One of the selling points of GoCanvas is that it was multi-platform now its limited.....


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