Filter out "deleted" jobs on Dispatch screen


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    Chip Phillips, Community Manager

    Howdy Kate,

    Thank you for sharing this feedback! The default view for the Workflow & Dispatch page should only display tasks with the status Assigned, Received, and/or Unassigned. Tasks that are Completed or Deleted should only show up when using the Advanced Search function.

    I understand from my colleague Drew on the Support Team that you had previously submitted a Support ticket because a Dispatch that had been deleted was still showing up on the default view for the Workflow & Dispatch page.

    After discussing this matter with our Internal Teams, this behavior is likely due to a bug, where if a Dispatch is handed-off as a Workflow and then deleted, it may still show up on the default view.

    I am going to convert this post to a Support Ticket and advise my colleagues to escalate this matter to our Internal Teams, so they can try to manually delete and remove the Dispatch from your default view as a custom request.

    If you (or other users) encounter this situation again, I would advise submitting a Support ticket, as this helps us with documentation and reporting to for our Internal Teams to address any potential bugs. 

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