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    Chip Phillips, Community Manager

    Howdy Garry,

    Thank you for sharing this feedback! I'm glad you were able to get in touch with my colleagues Bowie and Kevin in Support. Let me address each of these items-

    1) When exporting submission data or receiving dispatch data, we use UTC because that's how the data is itself recorded in the system, in part because, unlike time zones, UTC doesn't change.

    Using UTC gives users the power to then manipulate the data on their own, with a starting point that's more neutral. Further, as we have customers who have users reporting in from multiple time zones, using UTC eliminates some of the uncertainty when tracking Submissions in those use cases. 

    I understand the challenges that may arise when converting times for local user reference. A potential workaround that other users have found success with is using Excel formulas to automatically convert UTC data. Here are some third-party sites with guided steps and walkthroughs on this workaround



    2) The Reminder column on the Bulk Dispatch upload CSV file is used similar to the Reminder section when manually creating a Dispatch. In this case, the Reminder time affects when your users will receive an email with a calendar invite attached to it. This allows them to add the Dispatch to the calendar they use on their devices:

    Scheduling a dispatch that is taking place on a day that's up to 7 days away will allow the user to see fields that have been filled out by the dispatcher in advance, but will not become a Submission that's ready to fill out until the day it was scheduled for. The Dispatch will display as Upcoming on their device, and the user can only review the pre-filled fields:

    The user should not be able to complete any fields on a Dispatch until the day it is scheduled. If you have specific examples and screenshots where a user is able to complete a future Dispatch before the day it is scheduled, please let us know and we would be happy to further investigate!

    3) The Duration column on the Bulk Dispatch upload CSV file is used to set how long the Dispatch will show up on the Dispatch Calendar, and/or the calendar the user utilizes on their devices. This setting does not affect how long a Dispatch remains on a user's device for their completion, as a Dispatch will remain on a user's device until it is completed or manually re-assigned by an Admin from the website.

    For the second and third items, I can understand how the terms Reminder and Duration can be ambiguous in their actual use. I will be sure to provide this feedback to our Development teams, along with the Feature Request for the potential uses of these columns that you shared in your comments. 

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