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    Chip Phillips, Community Manager

    Howdy Cindy,

    Thank you for sharing this feedback!

    Are these documents that are pre-existing? That is, are the documents dependent on anything happening within the App itself?

    If your users simply need to view the documents, a potential workaround would be to host the pre-existing PDFs on a third-party site (like DropBox or Google Drive), then include a Weblink field within your App so your users can view them from the third-party site.

    If the PDFs are limited to a small number of pages, you could use the Static Image field to allow your users to view each page within the App (after converting each page into a .jpeg or .png file). Here is a Help Center topic with more details on including static images in your App.

    If you are asking about the ability for mobile users to choose various documents to attach to the submission email PDF, here is a similar Feature Request from other users to upvote:

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