"Session Expired" popup



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    Sridhar Mullapudi

    1. That is correct. I've been there.

    The only thing i would do is opening the account in two tabs/windows. One tab is left open and use the other tab to work up your edits. So, when you see the infinite spinning wheel or more time to publish or save than normal, it is sign that your account has been logged out due to inactivity. If this happens, do not refresh the page/tab since, you will loose all the work you have done. Quickly jump onto the other tab and refresh it. It displays login page. Login and open the tab of your edits and then save/publish your work. 

    2. Yes, you will see a little red banner on the top left corner asking you to login.

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    Ashley Noble

    Thank you Sridhar. Sorry for the confusion. When editing a submission, I do not see the little red banner on the top left corner asking for a login. On all other pages, if I have been logged out, I do see the banner, just not the editing submission page (which is one of our most important functions in GoCanvas).

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