Different levels of access to the app depending on position in the company


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    Chip Phillips, Community Manager

    Howdy Jean-Claude,

    Thank you for this feedback! For your other office staff, what sort of access are you trying to provide?

    If you simply need them to be able to view completed Submissions, you could set up an integration through GoCanvas to have a copy of each completed Submission sent to a third-party platform, such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

    This way, you could provide your office staff with access to the third-party platform, where they could view the completed Submission PDFs, but not affect any settings within GoCanvas.

    Here is a link to a related Help Center topic with more details on how to set up a standard integration through GoCanvas.

    Since GoCanvas is a subscription platform designed on a per-User basis, another workaround would be to add one more license/user to your account, then set them as a Company Reporter role. This means you would have another license that your office staff could use to log into the GoCanvas website from any computer to download/email/view Submissions, but not affect other settings.

    For more details on setting different user roles within GoCanvas, please check out this Help Center topic.

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