Removing reference data after it has been "used"


Anyone have any ideas on how to update reference data or maybe remove data as items in a list are "used" or completed?


We will be delivering one item to about 28,000 customers. I am pre-loading all of the addresses in a reference data file. As they go down the list, the addresses will be visible anymore, but after they submit everything will be visible again.


Has anyone used Zapier to update Excel files and automatically upload reference data?


Thanks in advance!!



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  • Howdy Danielle,

    Good question! We do have a paid feature called Dynamic Reference data, which gives you the ability to update your Reference Data with information entered in a previous Submission. 

    This is a feature that is currently available through our Professional Services team. They’ll be able to give you a quote specific to your needs and configuration, but here are some general guidelines:

    • Professional Plan and above only
    • Monthly costs (including maintenance and hosting) are typically around $250

    This is currently through Professional Services but is definitely something we're exploring incorporating into the core of the product. I would advise upvoting the existing Feature Request for this functionality:


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